COVID-19 - disinfect your premises with ProSprayer®

Since the start of the year, France and the whole world have been facing a large-scale health crisis: Covid-19.
In this period of health crisis, effective disinfection of offices, premises and all exposed surfaces is a real priority for companies and managers of institutional buildings (municipalities, medical structures, etc.).

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The ideal solution for disinfecting large VOLUMES: Up to 2,500m3 with a single device

In order to face the COVID-19 epidemic, with the concern to meet the needs of its customers, SPRAI has added to its ProSprayer range, devices intended for the disinfection of large volumes by air.

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The new Version of the ProSprayer NO series has just been released!

To better meet the expectations of our customers, we have completely redesigned our range of disinfection devices of the NO series (Adjustable Nebulizer).


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