COVID-19 - disinfect your premises with ProSprayer®

Since the start of the year, France and the whole world have been facing a large-scale health crisis: Covid-19.
In this period of health crisis, effective disinfection of offices, premises and all exposed surfaces is a real priority for companies and managers of institutional buildings (municipalities, medical structures, etc.).


Behind the fight against the spread of the coronavirus hides a sizeable challenge: allowing employees of a company or users of a site open to the public (schools, hospitals, etc.) to resume safely and to get there. give calmly.


Of course, food supermarkets, stores, administrations, public transport, construction professionals, etc. are also concerned. All of them want to welcome their employees / customers / users in the best sanitary conditions.


Airborne surface disinfection (AASD) fully meets the current needs of all sectors. This is an innovative method of disinfecting the surfaces of a room by dry misting. It consists of propelling a disinfectant product into the atmosphere through a diffuser, thus all surfaces in contact with the air are treated (mold, bacteria, spores and viruses) and the supports and infrastructures are respected. Unlike non-UV disinfection, the DSVA can disinfect all hidden surfaces in contact with air.

SPRAI offers a wide range of disinfection equipment adapted to your needs, allowing you to quickly and efficiently disinfect every corner of your premises. In automatic and programmable mode, our devices can operate on small and / or very large volumes.


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