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Services for the Production and the Research in Aerosols Industrials



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Created in 2005, the company SPRAI specializes in spraying by rotating disc. We design, develop and market rotary disc spraying systems for all types of applications, in particular:

  • Nebulizers for disinfection, air cooling, humidification .... These devices generate very fine droplets which remain suspended in the air and dispersed by fans with flow rates ranging from a few milliliters to 20 liters / hour.
  • Sprayers for surface treatment with yields close to 100%. The goal is to drop drops on a surface. The applications are very numerous; painting, lubrication, coating, coating ... The methodology consists in making drops and directing them on the surface without ventilation.
  • Atomizing heads for drying atomizers.
  • Rain simulators reproducing all types of rain ranging from drizzle to thunderstorm.


SPRAI relies on a team of researchers with over 40 years of experience in the field with complete mastery of technology. Thanks to this knowledge and know-how, unique in the world, the company SPRAI is positioned as the world leader in spraying by rotating disc technology.


SPRAI produces specific devices and / or complete automated installations based on specifications drawn up by the customer with the expertise of SPRAI.


All our systems are designed, developed and manufactured in France in the Paris region.




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It is at the request of the General Delegation for Armaments that Jean-Marc Chicheportiche and Jean-Pierre Renaudeaux decide to study a new generator of homogeneous aerosols with a high flow rate. They focused their research on rotating discs and designed a first experimental device in which vibration of the feed tube made it possible to obtain controlled sprays. The vibration carried out by an electrodynamic generator was rather bulky and had a low bandwidth.


Research is then directed towards a miniaturization of the device thanks to the use of piezoelectric ceramics. The vibro-rotating spray head, developed by Najib Zainoun and proposed by SPRAI is the result of several years of fundamental research on the characterization of trajectories and wave properties and more applied research on energetics. system and its automation.


All the knowledge acquired during these years of research allows SPRAI today to offer its customers innovative spraying solutions and optimized for their needs in all fields of applications.