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Evaporation of water is an « endothermic » process. The process consumes a lot of energy 600 calories per liter of water evaporated. So it " steals " the heat from the air, cools and humidifies the ambient air. The degree of evaporation is determined by the capacity of the air mass of the environment to absorb water and other variables such as: The size of the drop of water, temperature, relative humidity and circulation air. The water atomization system is widely used to reduce the temperature of open or closed spaces.


Misting is a simple and effective solution for cooling the air and enjoying essential comfort. It lowers the temperature by up to 12 degrees depending on the humidity in the air.


SPRAI designs and markets mobile or fixed rotating disc foggers for establishments and places open to the public, communities, industry and individuals.


We offer a wide range of misting solutions adapted to your needs: from the rechargeable mobile fogger with fan to the urban centralized misting system or intended for professionals.


SPRAI offers standalone fogger-fans that you can install wherever you want! These refillable foggers or those fed directly by your water network allow them to be moved and used according to your convenience.