NP1400 disinfection device


Programmable wall nebulizer controlled remotely by simple dry contact. Flow rate 1400 mL / h.



Technical sheet

Fan : 168 m3 / h - 24 V DC - IP68
Engine : 
Pump : 
24VDC peristaltic
Hose Pump : 
Pharmed 2X4mm
Disc rotation speed (rpm) : Greater than 40,000 RPM
Power Supply Input : 100 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 2A
Power Supply Output : 24Vdc / 5A
Max power consumption : 65Watts
Liquid flow (ml / h) : 1,400
Liquid presence control : Optical sensor
Tank : Without
Drums : Without
Charging time (h) : X
Battery life (min.) : X
Drop size (µm) : <15µm
Width (mm) : 220
Height (mm) : 90
Length (mm) : 220
Weight (kg) : 2
Automatic drain : Yes
Material : INOX 304L
Seals : PTFE
Sound level : 64dBA

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This nebulizer is intended to be fixed on a wall in which an opening will have been made allowing air to be sucked outside the volume that one wants to treat (airlock, clean room, etc.) and to be programmed from a PLC or computer.


The liquid is supplied to the disc by a peristaltic pump which sucks the liquid contained in a container via a flexible silicone hose.


The nebulizer is equipped with an electronic card:

Controlling all the functions of the device: separate starting and stopping of the motor driving the disc, the fan, the pump and the liquid presence sensor.
Giving the possibility of knowing at all times the operating status of the motor, fan, pump and liquid presence sensor.

Other functions and controls

The nebulizer is equipped with a liquid presence sensor (CPL) placed just upstream of the disc which automatically stops the rotation of the disc when no liquid is detected.


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