NP400 disinfection device


Programmable wall nebulizer controlled remotely by simple dry contact. Flow rate 400 mL / h



Technical sheet

Fan : 168 m3 / h - 24 V DC - IP68
Engine : 
Pump : 
24VDC peristaltic
Hose Pump : 
Pharmed 1X3,2mm
Disc rotation speed (rpm) : Greater than 40,000 RPM
Power Supply Input : 100 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 2A
Power Supply Output : 24Vdc / 2.5A
Max power consumption : 25Watts
Liquid flow (ml / h) : 400
Liquid presence control : Optical sensor
Tank : Without
Drums : Without
Charging time (h) : X
Battery life (min.) : X
Drop size (µm) : <15µm
Width (mm) : 220
Height (mm) : 90
Length (mm) : 220
Weight (kg) : 2
Automatic drain : Yes
Material : INOX 304L
Seals : PTFE
Sound level : 47dB

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This nebulizer is intended to be fixed on a wall in which an orifice has been made allowing air to be drawn outside the volume to be treated (airlock, clean room, etc.) and to be programmed from a PLC or computer.


The liquid is supplied to the disc by a peristaltic pump which sucks the liquid contained in a container via a flexible silicone hose.


The nebulizer is equipped with an electronic card


  • Controlling all the functions of the device: separate starting and stopping of the motor driving the disc, the fan, the pump and the liquid presence sensor.
  • Providing the possibility of knowing at all times the operating state of the motor, the fan, the pump and the liquid presence sensor.

Other functions and controls

  • The nebulizer is equipped with a liquid presence sensor (CPL) placed just upstream of the disc which automatically stops the rotation of the disc when no liquid is detected.




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