Wall Mist Fan-VBT1000


These high-speed foggers come in the form of a SPRAI nebulizer mounted in the center and front of a large diameter oscillating axial fan.

Principle of operation:
The spinning disc nebulizer sends out fine droplets which are blown away by the blower and evaporate, absorbing heat.

The VBT fogger is mounted on a table fan and is equipped with a peristaltic pump and supplied without a tank. The water flow is 0.5 L / h.

Main technical characteristics:

Fan diameter: 40 cm
Fan flow: 1200 m3 / h
N of Fan speeds: 3
Misting flow rate: 1 L / h
Refrigeration power: 0.7 KW
Power consumption: 50w
Running cost: 0.012 € / h
Misting control: Switch
Noise level: 52 dB
Separate control of misting and ventilation: Yes


Installation of the fogger:

• Connection to the electrical network by 2P + E 6A socket


Operating temperature :

For perfect evaporation of the drops, it is recommended to use the nebulizer when the temperature exceeds 26 ° C.

Downloads prosprayer_vbi