ProSprayer TA 15



Rotating disc atomization head for dryer atomizer, flow rate 3 to 15 L / h, interchangeable disc.


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  • Flow rate 3 to 15 L / h
  • Disc rotation speed: 2000 to 12000 RPM
  • Control by manual box
  • Power supply 24V 10A 240W:
  • Input: 85-264 VAC
  • Output: 24VDC / 10A
  • Engine control and control board 5.
  • Amplifier
  • NI USB-6008 Multifunction USB Card: This card allows control of the control box via a computer
  • Bipolar On / Off (I / 0) general control box button
  • Functional control by LED


Control by SPRAI software installed on a microcomputer

The software performs the following functions, determining the motor rotation speed based on technical data provided by the user (flow rate, droplet size). The software also gives an estimate of the stopping distance and the quality of the particle size spectrum.

  1. It controls the rotation of the disc in its operating range 2000 to 12000 RPM.
  2. It continuously monitors the operating status of the engine.
  3. It saves the data.