ProSprayer TS5-30 OEM


This in-line sprayer for surface treatment disperses the emitted droplets in a flat cone of thickness less than a millimeter. Its flow rate is adjustable between 1 and 5 L / h. The target surface is treated by moving the sprayer parallel to the target.

Technical sheet


Disc rotation speed: ADJUSTABLE
Mains power supply: 100 to 250 V, 50-60 Hz
Electric power max. :
Liquid flow: 15 L / h
Automatic drain: YES


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This device does not have a fan that could disrupt the trajectories of the droplets or an orifice that could become blocked. It is perfectly suited for spraying with precision on target surfaces all viscous or non-viscous liquids except fragile liquids liable to deteriorate when passing through the pumps.

The rotating disc is enclosed in a cover provided with a slot allowing the droplets to exit in a cone in the plane of the disc.


The sprayer is powered by a positive displacement pump from a tank. The non-sprayed liquid is returned to the reservoir by a second pump. No liquid is wasted. The droplets intended for surface treatment move thanks to their initial speed.

The sprayer can be moved manually (operation with a portable gun), by a linear or angular guide or by a robot. Possibility of rotating the sprayer to make a surface treatment on a circular target, for example, to coat a pizza with tomato sauce.

NB the displacement of the gun, specific to the application, is not included in the offer, but may be the subject of a specific study on our part, do not hesitate to ask us.


  • Change of flow rate by adjusting the pump.
  • Modification of the size of the drops by varying the speed of rotation of the disc.
  • Spray width


NB: Best results are obtained when placing the target approximately 30 cm from the target and spraying drops of 50 to 100 micrometers in diameter.


  • Homogeneity of the application (ratio between the thickness of the film in the center and the thickness of the film at the end of the line)
  • circular target: 100%
  • flat target: 95%
  • Yield: amount of liquid reaching the target relative to the amount of liquid sprayed> 90%
  • Automatic emptying at the end of nebulization
  • Cleaning the hydraulic circuit by spraying with a washing solution
  • Possibility of associating several sprayers.
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