Spinning disks generators
When a liquid is injected in the centre of a spinning disk, a liquid film is formed over the disk, and is transformed in ligaments (or liquid jets) at the periphery of the disk. Ligaments desintegrate to become droplets (fig. 2).
Natural spray

· Degenerescence of ligaments to droplets is the result of a natural instability which propagates and develops along the ligament
· Droplets dimensions are naturally dispersed
· Spinning disks generators do not need propulsive gas neither nozzles

Droplet Size control
· Control of ligaments instability allows obtaining homogeneous droplets.
· Control of ligaments instability allows to easily modifying sizes of droplets.

Homogeneous spray
· Ameliorates the quality and efficacy of the product
· Protects the environment
· Optimises the energy use

spray control