Sollicited by a national agency, Jean-Marc Chicheportiche and Jean-Pierre Renaudeaux study a new homogeneous spray generator having a high flowrate. Research concentrates on spinning disks and a first experimental device is designed in which the vibration of the feeding tube allows to obtain controlled sprays. The first device, using an electrodynamic generator, was quite big and had poor performances.

Use of piezoelectric ceramics allows in the same time a miniaturization of the device and of the droplets.The vibro-rotative spinning head, designed by Najib Zainoun and proposed by SPRAI is the result of several years of fundamental research on characterisation of trajectories, wave propagation and of applied research on automatisation and optimization of energetic system.

This knowledge allows SPRAI to industrialize the atomization head which offers the best answer for each liquid to spray.

SPRAI has innovative solutions and a real knowledge in spraying.

SPRAI develops its research and developpment in cooperation with the CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL des ARTS et METIERS, PARIS